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Depending on which muscles are “tight” and causing you pain, Dr. Hampton will do specific stretching. This type of stretching involves patient participation and gentle resistance during the stretch. This essentially “tricks” the brain into allowing your tight muscles to relax resulting in greater range of motion and reduction in pain.

The way it works is there are receptors in the muscle tendons connecting into the bone. When you put a stretch on a tendon, it tells the brain that the muscle is being stretched and about to tear. The brain responds by sending a signal back to the muscle tendon, telling the muscle to relax so that it does not tear. It is at this point that the stretch is taken further by the therapist resulting in complete relaxation of the muscle. This is a very effective and reliable technique because it utilizes neurology. This is great for chronic back pain, muscle spasms and even post injury such as after a car accident.


Again, depending on which muscles are “tight” and causing you pain, Dr. Hampton will put together and email you a personalized exercise/stretching program. This program targets specific areas that are causing you muscle imbalances and pain. It supplements the chiropractic care you receive so that you get better results and faster/lasting pain relief.

Belton Physical Therapy, Physical therapy in Belton

E-stim therapy is great for sports injuries and injuries in general.


Along with getting chiropractic adjustments, IFC treatment is one of our patient’s favorites. In fact, it goes well with chiropractic care, as it relaxes your muscles before adjustments.

IFC is great for muscle spasms, because it increases blood circulation to and from the area of muscle spasm. IFC is also great in relieving pain because it naturally turns on your body’s pain-relieving centers. Whether it is neck pain, low back pain, wrist pain, elbow pain, knee pain, ankle pain, you get the idea; IFC is a pain reliever.

IFC is also great for any type of injury. Whether your son/daughter injured themselves playing soccer, or you strained your low back pulling weeds out in the front yard, IFC can help speed up the healing process.

The way it works is by sending tiny bursts of low-frequency stimulation to your area of concern. Like mentioned before, it helps with the following:

  • Reduces pain
  • Relieves muscle spasms
  • Speeds up healing process
  • Restores proper muscle/joint movement


Belton physical therapy

IST therapy is very relaxing and feels good on those achy and stubborn muscles. Belton physical therapy is only a phone call away!


Our patients find IST to be very relaxing. The way it works is that you, the patient, lie on your back on the IST table. The table features rollers that move up and down your back muscles and help relieve tension. The IST therapy also helps stretch the spinal joints which helps relieve pain.

One of the added benefits of the motion of the table is an increase in fluid movement to the discs of the spine. Since discs in between your vertebrae have a poor blood supply, they rely on the nutrients in fluid. The increased segmental motion provided by IST therapy, increases fluid movement to the discs which can help prevent disc degeneration.

In addition to the discs of the spine, there are also spinal joints which can degenerate when there is lack of motion to these joints. IST therapy helps restore movement to your fixated joints, which can help prevent degeneration in these joints.

In the end, you will love how you feel after your Belton physical therapy treatment!