Regular Visit

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Regular chiropractic care is beneficial to your health!


When you walk into Hampton Chiropractic for your regular visit, you will check in with the friendly front desk manager, Delmarie. Within no time, you’ll be experiencing our relaxing IST tables which feature rollers that mechanically massage up and down your spine. While at the same time, e-stim therapy will target and work your area of complaint. This combination of IST and e-stim therapy will help relax your muscles and allow chiropractic adjustments to be more effective. This is why this treatment is typically done before your adjustment with Dr. Hampton.

Once you are done with your relaxing therapy, you will then meet with Dr. Hampton. He will answer any new questions that you might have since your previous visit. He will also assess your spine and make the specific adjustments to improve your central nervous system function.

The regular visit will be based on your specific treatment plan. You will spend less time in the office than the first visit which means more time for you to go about the rest of your day. We know your time is valuable especially in this busy world we live in today. Of course, if you have questions, Dr. Hampton will be more than happy to answer them, and Dr. Hampton will be sure and track your progress and make the specific adjustments so that you are on your way to better health!

If you are unable to make it into our Belton office at our regular scheduled business hours, feel free to give us a call, as we are more than happy to schedule a time that works best for you.  Dr. Hampton understands that sometimes we have hectic schedules or can’t afford to miss work for a doctor’s appointment. That is why he is readily available so you get the care you want and need!